Welcome to The New World

A D&D Campaign Setting designed by Ross Payton

The land of Varisia is old, tired, and suffocating under an inflexible autocracy. The ‘new world’ is a promise to the young and the adventurous that there are places in the world still untouched by Man and still waiting to be explored. Drawn by the lure of adventure, our heroes venture into a world thought uninhabited. Though savage and untamed, the New World is a place of great promise. Only those who face its dangers can thrive.

But the New World is not as empty as it seems. Something dark and ancient lives beneath the brush. Will the pioneers from Varisia fight the Darkness, or worse, become its ally?

The New World has many factions, many unexplored ruins, and many possibilities. It’s up to the players to guide communities, decide fates, and find fortune and glory… at any cost.


The New World